Take control of your future

We believe that owning a will and looking after the future of your loved ones should form the cornerstone of any financial plan, which is why we have made this process as simple and painless as possible, providing the client with complete peace of mind.


Leave a legacy

Only 10% of South Africans are in possession of a will. This means that legacy benefits such as beneficiary care, estate planning and trust administration are low on people’s priority lists, despite being integral to the protection of assets and the continued support of families and loved ones.

Quality legacy benefits for increased peace of mind

A sound financial plan has many benefits beyond securing your present needs and achieving your future goals. It provides peace of mind and relieves the stress of an uncertain future where you may be dependent on someone else for your wellbeing. Investing in the right financial plan is the first step towards financial freedom. Contact our teams in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal or Gauteng today for more on Fedgroup’s legacy benefits such as beneficiary funds, will advisory and drafting services, and estate planning and administration, and let us help you create a prosperous financial future for yourself.

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Ensure peace of mind with the knowledge that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes, with the help of professional will advisory and drafting services.


Our Trusts and Wills specialists will help you to choose the best structure for your assets and estate to ensure that you money is managed optimally while you are alive, and goes to the right people when you pass on.

Estate Planning

Structured to fit in as part of your wider financial plan, formal estate planning helps you maximise your assets during your lifetime, and provides for your beneficiaries and loved ones in the event of death.

Estate Administration

Fedgroup administers estates upon death, ensuring that assets are distributed in accordance with your last will and testament.

Settlement Trusts

In the event of receiving a payout from the Road Accident Fund or a medical malpractice suit, Fedgroup will administer a Settlement Trust to ensure maximum value is derived from the funds.