Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Our estate planning service is aimed at the high-net worth (HNW) individual.

The first, 40-minute exploratory consultation is free of charge, and any subsequent consultations are offered at an hourly rate.

This rate will depend on the complexity of the matter. The estate plan is structured to fit in with the client’s wider financial plan in the most cost-effective and tax-efficient manner.

Fedgroup Trust Administrators offers a comprehensive range of trust company services which includes the drafting of wills, administration of deceased estates, estate planning and the drafting and registration of inter-vivos and testamentary trusts.

Estate planning can be described as a continuous process through which a person accumulates assets and manages his financial affairs in order to increase, preserve and protect those assets for the maximum benefit during his lifetime and to provide for the continued use thereof after his death.


The primary goal of estate planning is to structure your affairs in such a manner that you achieve some or all of the following objectives.

Minimisation of tax.

Provision for liquidity.

Provision for financial security.

Provision for retirement.

Protection of assets.

Business succession planning.

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