With the correct use of Trusts, you can solve your investment concerns

Fedgroup specialises in both Testamentary Trusts and Inter Vivos Trusts.

Testamentary Trusts are the most common trusts in the country and are used to ensure that your assets are protected to look after your children, or for adults with challenges, after your demise. You also get to nominate your trustees, and Guardian in your Will, to make sure that the people you trust are empowered to carry out your wishes when you are no longer able to do so.

Inter Vivos Trusts have, in the past, provided protection for your assets and allowed those assets to pass, seamlessly, from one generation to the next. However, due to changing legislation, worldwide, and within South Africa, the entire fiduciary industry is set to undergo a massive overhaul, particularly in the estate planning and trust industry.

Against this backdrop, our Trust experts are able to advise you on the best way forward to safeguard your assets.

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