Group Risk

Group Risk Cover

Group Risk Cover is part of Fedgroup's award-winning Group Benefits offering. To find out more about Group Retirement Savings click here

Studies show that employee benefits improve the motivation of your workers. A small monthly investment in your staff members' long-term financial independence will show them how much you value their contributions and, more importantly, free them and their families from the poverty cycle, should the unforeseen happen.

Cover you can understand, cover you can trust

Fedgroup believes strongly that unnecessary complexity in the insurance industry means that people often end up paying for cover they don’t need, or paying too much for the cover that they do need. We fight the norm by providing products that are transparent and easy to understand. Our clients know exactly what they are paying and what they are getting in return. And, most importantly, when the time comes to claim, we do not make our clients jump through hoops. As long as you meet our simple, transparent definitions, your claim will be processed and paid in our industry-leading turnaround time.

The benefits of quality Group Risk Cover in South Africa

The heart of every company is its workforce, and as a family-owned organisation, Fedgroup understands the importance of employee satisfaction more than most. This is why we’re constantly improving and refining our group benefits offering, giving you a selection of top critical illness, disability, funeral and life cover products to choose from, all under the banner of Group Risk Cover.

By ensuring that your employees enjoy adequate cover, you continue to contribute to the welfare of your people and their families who earn their living through your business. These benefits also assist you in attracting the top talent needed to take your business forward. Talk to us today and we'll assist you to choose the Group Risk Cover product combination that is most appropriate for your staff members.

Support your employees with Fedgroup risk insurance today

To start the conversation, please call us on 0860 011 773 or contact one of our branches directly. We look forward to help you empower, support and protect your valued employees.