Group Risk

Critical Illness Cover

Fedgroup’s Critical Illness Cover offers a standalone benefit

Should an employee or their spouse contract a life-threatening
disease or disorder

The simple lump sum structure offered – either a multiple of the member’s annual salary or a flat rand amount – ensures predictability and certainty for complete peace of mind.

Critical Illness CoverLevel ALevel BLevel CLevel DCoreComprehensive
Heart Attack*100%75%50%25%YESYES
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft*100%75%50%25%YESYES
Critical Illness CoverCoreComprehensive
Major Organ TransplantYesYes
Severe BurnsYes
Multiple SclerosisYes
Severe BurnsYes
End Stage Kidney FailureYes
Advanced Dementia including Alzheimer’s DiseaseYes
Parkinson’s DiseaseYes
Accidental Brain InjuryYes
Heart Valve Replacement SurgeryYes

Level A = Most Severe Level

Level B = Moderate Impairment

Level C = Mild Impairment

Level D = Almost Full Recovery

*Payout percentages as measured against the ASISA critical illness definitions

Key Features

An objective and fair system is used to asses a critical illness, based on medical impairment definitions and the activity of daily living.

The impact that an illness, (or a combination of illnesses) may have on the daily life of a member is also considered if a claim does not qualify against a specified illness. We do not rate according to the severity of a critical illness. If an employee meets the clear, simple definitions, we will pay the full benefit. We will also pay out on multiple claims for unrelated illnesses, as the benefit doesn’t fall away after an initial claim is made.

Contact us to enquire about critical illness cover for your employees, as well as group critical illness insurance.