Group Risk

Disability Cover

We take care of you when you cannot work - no matter how long you are away from your job

Fedgroup’s Income Disability Cover takes care of you when you need it most

If an Employee’s injury or illness renders him or her permanently and totally incapable of performing the material and substantial duties of his or her own or any other occupation, our Income Disability Cover can come to the rescue.

Income Disability Cover

Fedgroup’s Income Disability Cover pays members a monthly income if they become injured or ill to such an extent that they’re temporarily or permanently prevented from doing their job, until they recover, reach the Benefit Expiry Age or pass away.

Retirement Fund Contribution WaiverMedical Scheme Premium Waiver
A percentage of the Employee’s salary is paid towards retirement funding.Medical scheme premiums including the savings component is paid.
This percentage includes the cost of the Group Risk Cover and administration of the Retirement Fund.The disabled Employee must be the principal member on the medical scheme.
Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Vocational Rehabilitation Services is a platform to help the disabled employee recover a standard of independence and reintegration into their working environment.
For the initial 12 or 24 months specified, the Employee will be assessed according to the progress of recovery and their inability to perform their regular occupation with their own Employer.
Thereafter, Fedgroup Life will assess the Employee's ability to perform their regular or any other occupation, both with their own or any other Employer with reasonable continuity. The assessment takes into account the degree of disability, as well as the knowledge, training, education, ability, experience and age of the Employee.

Key Features

Income Disability Cover Key features

Fedgroup’s claims committee has the training, experience and expertise to make decisions on the validity of claims, and is mandated to pay all valid claims in a timeous manner.

This lump-sum benefit is paid according to the knowledge, training, education, ability, experience and age of the employee, and can be set as a multiple of their annual salary or a flat rand amount. The lump-sum benefit will reduce on a pro-rata basis over the last five years before the normal Benefit Expiry Age.

Fedgroup’s Income Disability Cover can be selected with a 6, 12 or 24-month waiting period.

Income Disability Cover

The impact an illness, or a combination of illnesses may have on the daily life of a member is also considered if a claim does not qualify against a specified illness.

These factors ensure a simple claims process that is objective and fair, which delivers a degree of certainty and support needed during times of ill health.

This level of transparency ensures there are no grey areas, as Fedgroup doesn’t rate according to the severity of a critical illness. If an employee meets the clear, simple definitions, Fedgroup will pay the full benefit.

Fedgroup will also pay out on multiple claims for unrelated illnesses, as the benefit doesn’t fall away after an initial claim is made.

Contact us to enquire about disability cover for your employees. We also provide group life, critical illness, funeral, and education trust cover, as well as pension funds for staff of companies in South Africa.