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We Farm. You Earn. Hassle Free.

Invest in income-producing assets. Grow your side hustle today.


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Your farming side hustle starts here

Use the Fedgroup App to gain instant access to Impact Farming ventures.
Invest in a sustainable asset to start earning an income.

Affordable investing
Earn 10% to 14% return
Stay connected via the Fedgroup app
Earn an income from the harvest

Ventures are smarter

You invest in the assets on the farming venture you choose. Invest in assets simply and directly through the Fedgroup App.
Earn income transparently and easily through the sale of the harvest.

Choose which asset you want via the app

Your asset is farmed by professional farmers

Get paid when your asset is harvested

Why back a venture:

Start from as little as R500
Buy online in less than 10 min
Save the environment
Payment cycles linked to harvest

An App that puts you in the driver's seat

Built with experience and commitment

We partner with experienced farmers who employ innovative farming techniques to get the most out of your asset. Your asset is safeguarded by that experience, proven track records, and insurance, so you can sit back and watch your income grow.


accredited farming partners

15 000+

Impact Farming investors

200 000+

assets invested in

26 000+

solar panels bought

Invest in income-producing alternative assets.

Fedgroup. We Farm. You Earn. Hassle Free.

Download the Fedgroup App today and grow your side hustle.