Impact Farming

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Disrupting the investment landscape

Big ventures used to mean big investments. Fedgroup’s ground-breaking Impact Farming changes the game, allowing investors to invest in income-producing assets on a farm for as little as R500. Growing your side hustle has never been easier.


accredited farming partners

15 000+

Impact Farming investors

200 000+

assets invested in

26 000+

solar panels bought

10,948,414.07 kg

CO2 emissions saved

178,321,437.10 litres

water saved

Our experience

To farm successfully requires experience. That is why Fedgroup has partnered with some of the best farmers in the country to ensure you maximise your returns. We have carefully vetted each partner, looking at track records, existing contracts with suppliers and ability to scale up. Fedgroup provides the platforms for owners, farmers and buyers to come together - with you, the investor - sharing in the profit.

Established in 1990, Fedgroup is a proudly South African financial services provider. We have developed our own point of view on the business of insurance and investment. We put people before profit. We believe in old-fashioned ideas like honesty, integrity and dignity.

Our partners

Our commitment

Many ventures boast about massive returns but expect clients to take on all the risk. Fedgroup believes that we can only offer the best possible service to our clients if we also have serious skin in the game. For our solar projects, we have acquired the largest installer of residential solar energy in the country, Emergent Energy, as our preferred service provider. We have also invested R20 million of our own capital into our blueberry farms, and we have invested private equity in the setup of operations for moringa farming.

Due diligence

Fedgroup's values are centered around integrity and putting customers first. We have built this care for our clients into our Impact Farming venture with forecast models that were deliberately designed to be conservative, and with numerous measures to safeguard our clients' money built into the system. Extensive due diligence is carried out before an asset is launched. This is carried out not only on the assets that we offer to investors, but also on our service providers to ensure they can deliver on the task of managing these assets. We vet each partner carefully, looking at the financial health of their operations, their track records, existing contracts, and their ability to scale their operations. We get involved in every vertical of their operations to lend our expertise and experience to help them enhance efficiencies and improve yields. We also carefully considered where and how the harvests would be sold to test that there was a market waiting. We have built market-tested financial models to map out returns over the period your asset is in operation. While these alternative assets are not linked to market sentiment and are not subject to turbulent market conditions to the same extent as more traditional assets, they are impacted by real-world factors such as weather conditions and export demand. We’ve built a degree of performance fluctuation into our models and projected returns. This means that, should your investment underperform projections during a specific period, the returns are designed to even out over the full investment term, in line with our projections.

Peace of mind

Although you invest in an individual asset, your income is a percentage of the entire yield of the farm you have invested in. By pooling the yield, we mitigate the risk of your individual asset underperforming. Just like in a beehive, there is safety in numbers. We have service level agreements in place with all our providers to ensure that your assets continue to perform in line with our projections. However, no investment is entirely without risk, so we’ve also insured your assets against total loss. Should an unforeseen event, like a wildfire, destroy your asset, we’ll replace it at no extra cost to you.

Invest in income-producing alternative assets.

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