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Smart blueberry farming

Own premium blueberry bushes on a controlled environment farm

Featuring a resilient varietal of bluberry bushes known as OzBlu, berries are sweeter and last longer. As a 'superfood', with a number of health benefits, the berries are in high demand in both local and international markets. Our partner United Exports utilises water-wise methods and grows the berries under mesh tunnels to protect bushes from hail and adverse weather conditions.


per blueberry bush

4 255

Blueberry bushes available

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12% - 14%

annual return

8 - 10 year

life expectancy per bush


harvests a year per bush

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Mitigated risks

Fedgroup takes care of all the insurance requirements around your blueberry bushes. Therefore, if a natural disaster should occur, your asset will be replaced.

Landlord and supplier due diligence

We perform extensive due diligence, with partnerships bound by contracts and SLAs.

Water conservation Sustainable agriculture Enterprise development International trade Not seasonal

About United Exports and OZblu

United Exports was established in 2002 with an initial focus on the export of early-season stone fruit from the north of South Africa, but this very quickly expanded to an all-inclusive stone fruit package from early to late harvest. In 2009 United Exports extended it focus to blueberry programmes, buying into the Early Blue blueberry breeding programs through OZblu.

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