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Money for honey

South Africa is producing only a third of the amount of honey that the local market demands. With increasing attention on how honey is made, and where pollen is sourced from, demand for local honey will grow. it makes sense to invest in hives. Not only are you helping to save bees, you know that your honey will be sold locally with a fully audited supply chain.

R4 000

per beehive

1 500

beehives available

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14% - 16%

annual return

10 - 12 year

life expectancy


harvests a year

Performance forecast

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Mitigated risks

We take care of all insurance requirements around your beehives. Therefore, if a natural disaster should occur, your asset will be replaced.

Landlord and supplier due diligence

We perform extensive due diligence, with partnerships bound by contracts and SLAs.

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About Global Honey Exchange

Global Honey Exchange was created in order to bring together multiple bee keepers and create a truly South African brand with 7 variants to supply the retail (bottles), hospitality (drums) and restaurant industry (sachets). By harnessing and supporting a network of South African beekeepers we can help supply the demand and create a brand of only non-irradiated, locally produced honey.

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