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Own and earn An income from real farming assets

Purchase assets on one of our farms and receive income from the harvest. You can own a solar panel, a blueberry bush or a beehive. Or own as many as you like of all three.

You Buy
We Farm
You Earn

How many assets do I need to buy?

Download the Fedgroup App. Choose from blueberries, honey or solar. Or buy a mixed bundle of assets. How much you invest is up to you. Take ownership in minutes, not months.

Pick a venture

Configure your order

Pay with EFT or debit

Do I need to do anything else?

Once you have purchased your assets, sit back and relax. We install or plant them on our approved farms. Along with your fellow Impact Farmers, you can rest assured your assets are being cared for by commercial farmers.

So when do I start earning?

Your assets produce a harvest: berries, honey or electricity. We sell it to our contracted customers on your behalf, collect the money and pay you your share. Berries and honey are harvested twice a year so you will receive your income twice a year. Solar electricity is generated year-round so you will receive your income from that asset monthly.

There may be a delay of up to a few weeks between when you purchase your asset and when it is installed on a commercial farm and starts to produce an income for you. But don’t worry.

How much will I earn? What will my returns be?

The projected annual earnings generated by your asset are quoted as an Internal Rate of Return. This IRR calculation is typically used in all venture investments that earn income to help you compare the rate of return with other investments that earn income on a fixed schedule, such as a bank account. A bank account will earn interest monthly and this will be credited to your account monthly. A blueberry bush will only earn income twice a year after harvest and this will be paid to your Fedgroup Wallet.

Let’s look at a blueberry bush. It lasts 8 years. In year one, it can only grow 1kg of berries. By year three, it can grow 5kg or more. Initially, your return will be small. The projections are 4.7% in year one or R14. By year five, you are projected to earn 28.5% or R85 per annum. By year eight, you will be earning 35% or R105 per annum. Your income over the term is around R600. If you minus the original investment of R300, you end up with around R300 profit.

Over the whole term, you earn 12% on blueberries on average per annum, which equates to an average annual income of R70 per blueberry bush.

How we measure impact

Fedgroup carefully selects our Impact Farming ventures for both the financial impact on your wealth creation, and the positive economic, social and environmental impact on the world. This means we consider factors such as farms that use water wisely, how many jobs are created and that the supply chain is ethical.

Benefits of Asset Ownership

Designed to modernise the way you earn money:

No Min Investment

Start with as little as R300.

Own Real Assets

Alternative assets over stocks.

Save The Environment

Invest in sustainable income generation.

No Waiting

Buy and take ownership in under 10 min.

Passive Income

Payments made in line with pre-determined cycles.

No Red Tape

Register and complete your transactions online.

Compound Your Returns

Reinvest your profits or cash out.

No Experience Required

Let pro farmers keep your venture thriving.
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