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Zero soil. Less water. Even more returns with a vertical lettuce stack.

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Invest in a vertical lettuce stack on a hydroponic farm

The future of farming is here, and you can get involved in these exciting new techniques by investing in a state-of-the-art hydroponic lettuce stack. These assets are grown indoors in a high-tech greenhouse which uses nutrient-dense water to grow your asset.

Every part of the facility is custom-designed to ensure the highest quality fresh lettuce. This type of farming is not only scalable but allows for higher yields, a smaller environmental footprint, as well as a continuous supply.

Not only will this innovative farming solution help us mitigate agricultural challenges and meet future demands, but lettuce is a staple in most households and used in a variety of meals ranging from summer salads to burger garnish. It is also a great source of vitamin K, which helps strengthen bones, as well as vitamin A which has been linked to improved eye health. Not to mention water makes up over 95% of raw lettuce which means eating a Caesar salad can actually hydrate your body.


per stack

13% - 15%

average annual profit over the investment term


investment term per stack


expected harvests per year per stack

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Mitigated risks

Fedgroup takes care of all the insurance requirements around your lettuce stack. Therefore, if a natural disaster should occur, your risk will be minimised. Lettuce is farmed in a controlled environment that includes stringent measures to mitigate any potential risks within the facility, further minimising risk to investors.

Landlord and supplier due diligence

We perform extensive due diligence, with partnerships bound by contracts and SLAs.


Fedgroup has partnered with CAN-Agri a market leader in controlled environment greenhouse hydroponics. Every part of the facility is customed designed to ensure the highest quality and freshness of the lettuces.

Through their innovative farming techniques, CAN-Agri aims to produce food in a more responsible and efficient way, in order to mitigate agricultural challenges and meet the demands of the years to come.

CAN-Agri has developed an innovative farming system with patented technology, which allows them to provide a scalable, commercially viable farming solution that is grounded in both scientific research and credible data.

Invest in income-producing lettuce stacks.

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