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Invest in a pistachio tree on a premier pistachio farm.

Did you know pistachio trees can produce nuts for over 100 years?
This incredibly hardy tree can survive on less than 200mm of water per year and grow in marginal soils, where most other crops will wither and die. We have partnered with the largest pistachio nursery and operation in Sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on continuous research and development to ensure better yields, a better product, and more eco-friendly practices.

Pistachios are the fourth largest nut traded globally by volume and the largest traded nut by revenue every other year. It is the oldest nut in the world with well-established markets and is in rapidly growing demand. Pistachios have unique climate-growing requirements with only a select few places in the world that can farm pistachios successfully.

From water-wise techniques to job creation, pistachio investments are both profitable and have a greater positive impact.


per pistachio tree

14% - 16%

average annual profit over the investment term


investment term


harvest per year, per tree

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Mitigated risks

Fedgroup takes care of all the insurance requirements around your pistachio trees. Therefore, if a natural disaster should occur, your risk will be minimised. Trees are planted well above an established 100-year flood line, further minimising risk to investors.

Landlord and supplier due diligence

We perform extensive due diligence, with partnerships bound by contracts and SLAs.

About Karoo Pistachios

Karoo Pistachios was established in 2019 as a joint venture between present and historic role-players within the South African pistachio industry. We have partnered with experts - who are on a mission to establish South Africa as a global player in the pistachio export industry. Their operation is located outside of a small town in the Northern Cape called Prieska. Their farm is situated on the banks of the Orange River and the edge of the Great Karoo. It is a harsh semi-desert area with low rainfall, cold winters and sizzling summers that produces a premium pistachio nut called Karoo Pistachios, the Desert Emerald.

Invest in income-producing pistachio trees.

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