Impact Farming

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Alternative energy source. Alternative investment. Urban solar farming.

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Harness the power of the sun. Earn income at the same time

With increasing pressure on the national grid and the supply of fossil fuels, the demand for alternative energy sources is growing. Urban solar farming allows you to buy a panel installed on a shopping centre or industrial unit. The landlord saves on energy costs and you receive a share of the profit.


per solar panel

10% - 12%

average annual profit over the investment term


investment term

Up to 12

payments per year

More details

Guaranteed buy-back

Guaranteed buy-back of R1 000 after 20 years.

Tax incentives

Renewable energy assets qualify for tax breaks.

Mitigated risks

We take care of installation, insurance and maintenance.

Due diligence

Extensive due diligence and contracts with all our landlords and suppliers.

About Emergent Energy

In 2017, Fedgroup acquired Emergent Energy, South Africa's leading installer of commercial photovoltaic solar panels, to boost its capacity for rolling out large solar installations.

Invest in income-producing solar panels.

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