Beneficiary Care


Beneficiary Care

The care of Beneficiaries sits at the heart of everything we do

At FedGroup we believe that there is a higher purpose to work

Our task is to build constructive, empowering paths to the future for our Beneficiaries. To achieve this goal we offer a choice of two Beneficiary Fund products in our. Our Provider product offers the security of regular payments, while our Guardian product offers both regular and ad-hoc payments

Active Trustee involvement sets our Guardian product apart from other Beneficiary Funds in South Africa. The Trustees of the Fund choose the most appropriate option, taking into account a Beneficiary’s needs and affordability.


As a provider would, this product supports a Beneficiary’s wellbeing by assisting Guardians with regular payments. Our Provider product is a cost-effective option that offers peace of mind to Guardians who have been tasked with taking care of a minor child.

The key product benefits include:

Security of regular payment

Funds are available on a constant basis for the expected needs of a Beneficiary

Monthly, quarterly or annual payments, or a combination of these


FedGroup offers the only truly managed product within the Beneficiary Fund industry. True to the meaning of the word, our Guardian product safeguards the wellbeing of Beneficiaries, protecting and preserving their capital so that a brighter future may be realised.

The key product benefits include:

Two Trustees involved in ad-hoc payment decision making are available at all times.

Payments are negotiated with service providers

Payments are made directly to third-party providers

Interaction with social workers to ensure the wellbeing of Beneficiaries

Contact us to enquire about our Beneficiary Fund, which provides ongoing care, support and payment to minors. We also provide a range of other legacy services including will drafting, estate planning and administration.