Beneficiary Care


Simplicity isn’t simple

Whilst Fedgroup Employee Benefits has successfully implemented simple beneficiary fund solutions, Trustees can rest assured that the necessary complexity is taken care of behind the scenes

Fedgroup Employee Benefits has an extensive corporate governance infrastructure that focuses on the three cornerstones of corporate governance in South Africa.

The FedTrust Beneficiary Fund is governed and regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), Independent auditors and the Trustees.

The FedTrust Investment Control Trust is registered with the Master of the High Court and also has Trustees.

Over and above the external control placed on Fedgroup Employee Benefits, there are extensive internal measures to ensure the safety of our beneficiaries’ funds.

Beneficiary Care administration

Fedgroup is committed to the principles of B-BBEE and over the past three decades has actively sought to assist marginalised groups in South Africa, and to play a positive role in building a more inclusive society.

Fedgroup Beneficiary Care is administered by Fedgroup Employee Benefits (Pty) Ltd, a Level 2 B-BBEE empowered administrator of retirement funds and beneficiary funds as provided for in the rules of beneficiary funds and regulated by the FSCA.