Direct Ownership

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Direct Ownership

Sold out for now but Direct Ownership was just the beginning. In addition to solar panels, we will be launching an exciting new range of products designed to positively impact your wallet and our world.

Direct Ownership

Direct Ownership was the first iteration of Fedgroup’s innovative venture to allow you to own assets that generate an income for you. This concept, which allowed individuals to own solar panels installed on commercial buildings and earn a monthly income based on the energy produced, will soon be relaunched as part of our Impact Farming venture. In addition to solar panels, you will be able to choose assets from a range of exciting products.

For more information on these ventures, and how they can revolutionise your wealth-building strategies, please click on the link below.

Existing panel owners

If you are an existing panel owner, you can still access all the necessary information about your assets here. When Impact Farming launches in May, your panels will automatically migrate to their new home as part of this venture. All our panels are currently sold out, but we will be launching exciting new sites to coincide with the Impact Farming launch.