Direct Ownership


Direct Ownership

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One of the most exciting economic trends of recent times is using technology to make money with the things you own. Uber is the best example. A person owns a car and sells lifts to people who need them. Uber doesn’t own the car, it just provides the platform that puts the driver (asset owner) in touch with the person who needs a lift, as well as taking care of the payment. You can now make an income from this concept by owning assets other than cars – and without you having to do the work. In a world fi rst, FedGroup, in association with GreenSheep, is introducing the concept of direct ownership. We offer you the ownership of a range of assets for your personal wealth creation.

What is 'Direct Ownership'?

Direct ownership is a totally new way for South Africans to generate wealth. You buy and own an asset through FedGroup. That asset is installed as part of a commercial scale project and managed for you by FedGroup. Your asset is rented out to a third party on your behalf and you earn an income. Simple.

Our First Project: Solar Panels

OK, let’s make this real...

Our first direct ownership project offering is solar panels. We chose this project so you can help to save the environment while making an income. These solar panels can be purchased easily through our online platform. Once we have sold 70% of the total panels, they are installed on the roof of a commercial or industrial property as part of a solar facility. This facility consists of your panel and those of everyone else who purchased one for that particular site. FedGroup installs your panel into the system and then manages, maintains and insures it on your behalf.

Your panel generates electricity, which saves costs for the landlord, who in turn pays you a rental for the use of your panel. The building landlord saves money, you earn money. Simple.


R4 800

Internal Rate of Return


What is My Expected Financial Return?

The rental you are paid for your panel is determined by its performance, which means that you are earning less on a cloudy day than on a sunny one. We therefore looked at weather patterns over the last 20 years to ensure the viability of the project. We then compared this data with the performance of the panels at our pilot site to project an internal rate of return of over 11% per year. This calculation takes into account the fact that your income rises as the energy price rises, as well as the cost of purchasing your panel. Because this is a green project, you can also apply for a tax benefit, further boosting your returns.

Is there a guaranteed rate of return?

No, because your income is based on the energy generated by your solar panels, your monthly income will be variable. Most forms of wealth creation, such as stock market investments, or renting out a flat to a tenant, cannot guarantee a rate of return. Direct Ownership is a great way to diversify your portfolio along with other wealth creation options. You also have the option of purchasing multiple panels across various sites, spreading your returns and risk. At the end of the lease agreement, we provide a guaranteed buyback offer of R1 000 per solar panel.

What are the steps once I decide to buy a solar panel?

  1. You purchase your solar panel on our online platform
  2. Once 70% of the panels are sold, they are installed on the site
  3. The site goes live and you start earning a monthly rental income

Contact us to enquire about our solar project. Learn more about our solar project by reading our terms and conditions

How does it work?


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Renewable Energy


Our planet is in crisis and South Africa is amongst the hardest hit.However, this also means that our climate is well suited to high-yielding renewable energy projects. GreenSheep’s ventures are characterised by a common green theme.

Direct Ownership

Alternative Income

FedGroup's Nebula Platform, proudly brought to you in association with GreenSheep, allows you to participate in unique and exciting wealth generation opportunities. Solar Generation, our first product, connects you to an opportunity to own a solar asset which is deployed in a commercial and industrial scale solar facility - without leaving the comfort of your home.

Can I sell my asset?

Absolutely! From Q3 or Q4 of 2017, we will be rolling out a complete secondary market allowing you to sell your asset.

VAT-registered entity

Unfortunately, the platform does not support VAT registered entities at this stage.

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