A competitive fixed return in a tax-efficient vehicle

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Benefits of the Fedgroup Fixed Endowment

Tax-efficient investing

Taxed in the hands of Fedgroup Life at a rate of 30%, this portfolio represents an opportunity for investors in higher income brackets to enhance their returns and get the most out of their portfolios.

Fixed rate

A fixed rate means more peace of mind. The returns offered are directly linked to the underlying fixed-rate instruments, so investors know exactly what to expect.

Estate planning

Should the investor pass away, the funds are available to their nominated beneficiary with no delays and without having to pay executor fees.


A single withdrawal is allowed in the restricted period. This is subject to maximums as below. A notice of the calendar month is required.

Maximum withdrawal
0 - 12 months
13 - 24 months
25 - 36 months
37 - 48 months
49 - 60 months
An early withdrawal fee of 0.1% will be charged for every month remaining in the restriction period (initial 5-year term).

Investment overview

Minimum investment lump-sum:

R100 000

Investment term:

5 years


1 withdrawal allowed subject to withdrawal limits and early termination fees


0.50% investment management fee
0.28% policy fee
0.78% total investment management fee

*Fees are exclusive of VAT and include Asset Management fee and Annual Policy fee. Fees exclude any advisor fees.

This endowment offering consists of a carefully curated combination of selected assets generating a fixed return, structured under our Life license to offer investors an unmatched investment product while benefitting from the regulated nature of the endowment structure.

We have employed our extensive experience in providing products that deliver competitive returns to develop a product that meets the overarching goals of preserving and growing investors’ portfolios while providing capital security. This approach gives investors a smoother investment journey to bring stability to the excitement and uncertainty that life can throw at them.