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Group Retirement Savings

Group Retirement Savings is part of Fedgroup's award-winning Group Benefits offering.

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When your employees retire in South Africa, they should continue earning 75% of their final salary. That’s the figure that will ensure a happy, healthy, comfortable life.

Unfortunately, most people aren't aiming anywhere close to that. In fact, most people aren't thinking much about their retirement at all.

But, at Fedgroup, Employee Benefits is a topic close to our hearts. The aim is always to maximise your employees’ final payout – not our monthly fees. Sounds easy enough, but the pension fund industry has become very complex. Impressive-sounding strategies – member choice or life-staging – can cost your clients in the long run.

We firmly believe in being transparent in our dealings, and fair in our fees. No one should pay hidden charges that may eventually affect their lifestyle.

Just think about it:

Are your employees currently investing in their retirement, or someone else’s?