Secured Investment (Part Bonds)


Secured Investment

Earn up to 11.31%* p.a. over 5 years. No fees.

We are currently managing R1.7 billion in secured investments.

*Effective rate if the interest is reinvested over the 5-year fixed term at a nominal rate of 9.0%

FedGroup's Secured Investment in participation bonds combines fixed, high returns with capital security

Our Secured Investment is a low-risk, high-yield fixed deposit investment. It is a popular option with individuals of all ages, as well as pension funds, fund managers, trusts, charities and schools. You can invest for income or for growth – your choice. It is also the perfect retirement income solution.

The perfect investment solution for income or growth.


Earn compound interest by reinvesting your interest every month for maximum capital growth


Your interest is paid out to you every month, while your capital remains secure

We created our Secured Investments to earn a higher level of income than Money Market funds for our investors, while protecting their capital value.

26 Years
Consistent returns