Secured Investment (Part Bonds)




Capital security meets high growth.

Remember to speak to your trusted financial advisor for advice that suits your individual needs.

Earn a rate on maturity of 9.21% p.a.* on five-year investments of R5 000 or more.

*Rate on maturity if the interest is reinvested over a five-year period at a nominal rate of 7.6% p.a.


Secured Investment helps bring balance to your portfolio

Fedgroup is proud of our 30-year history of keeping our clients’ money safe while paying them a high monthly return. Over the years, thousands of investors have trusted us to grow billions of rands’ worth of investments. Many of them have been with us from the start.

Secured Investment pays you a monthly interest on your investment and gives you the flexibility of having it paid out to you as a regular income or reinvesting it for further growth.

Fedgroup’s Secured Investment specialist

Sheldon Friedericksen joined Fedgroup in 2014 as the Group Financial Manager. Following the group’s restructure in 2015, Sheldon was named Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for the accounting and finance of Fedgroup as well as the various subsidiaries and has taken over the legal risk team. Other teams reporting to Sheldon include company secretarial, the risk mitigation team and client accounts.

What people say about Secured Investment

" My experience has been great… "

- Richard Beswick - Entrepreneur

" This should be part of any broker’s consideration… "

- Gawie van der Walt - Broker

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