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Tax-Free Savings Account.

How can a Tax-Free Savings Account benefit my overall investment portfolio?

Tax-Free Savings Accounts were introduced as an additional way to help South Africans save and access higher returns from longer-term commitments. In addition, you can rest assured knowing your investment is free from tax, monthly fees, or volatile equity markets. Currently, you can invest up to R36 000 per financial year towards a lifetime total of R500 000 in Tax-Free Savings Accounts and you have the choice between investing a lump-sum amount or monthly contributions. Any growth you earn on this investment will not be subject to tax.

By making use of the Fedgroup Tax-Free Savings Account’s market-beating return, you can effectively maximise your tax benefit without paying any fees.

Not to mention, for those who have already invested in a similar tax-free investment vehicle, transferring to a new Tax-Free Savings Account is an easy, seamless process.

Important to remember!

You can have more than one
tax-free investment with different providers, but the annual investment total across all your different investments cannot exceed the current limit of
R36 000 per financial year or the lifetime total of R500 000.

If it is exceeded, there will be a tax penalty of 40%.

Fedgroup Tax-Free Savings Account explained

By adopting a holistic investment approach, you can benefit from all the tax breaks available to you. With a market-beating return and ZERO fees, the Fedgroup Tax-Free Savings Account is a gamechanger for your overall investment strategy.

This account is an endowment policy issued by Fedgroup Life Ltd. and is invested in underlying unit trust funds and a range of cash and debt instruments.

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