Retirement Unclaimed Funds


Fund costs and fees

There is no minimum requirement on the value on the lump sum invested.

Fund fees include:

1.15% acceptance fee, including VAT

Annual administration fee of 1.15%, including VAT*

Dissolution/distribution fee of 1.15%, including VAT

*The administration fee is calculated by applying the referenced percentage to the market value of the underlying assets at the end of each day, and taking 1/365th thereof. The fees are accrued daily and recovered monthly in arrears from the underlying assets.

A proactive approach

Fedgroup uses a proactive tiered approach to actively track and trace beneficiaries, using the most cost-effective method first.

This beneficiary-tracking process starts from the most cost-effective method, electronic tracing, moving on to more involved, resource-intensive physical tracing processes, which are more expensive.

With this approach Fedgroup is able to trace approximately 33% of people in the first phase, with an additional 33% generally found in the second phase, and the remaining 33% generally found in third and final phase.

Tracing fees

Tracing works on a no-trace-no-fee basis.

The tracing fee varies depending on the provider utilised, but ranges from R5 to R1 500 depending on the phase and specific requirements. The tracing fee is deducted from the amount distributed.