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Let our expertise be your peace of mind

The Fedgroup range of Unit Trust funds brings important diversification to your portfolio.


Let Fedgroup be your peace of mind

The Fedgroup Unit Trust fund portfolio has a strong history of safeguarding the funds invested in our award-winning Group Benefits products and are also available to individual and institutional investors.

Fedgroup follows a prudent preservation approach to fund management and we will never expose our clients’ hard-earned money to undue risk. Because of this approach and our proven expertise in fund management, our Unit Trusts continue to outperform industry benchmarks, even during times of massive economic challenges.

Fedgroup’s selection of expertly curated Unit Trust funds allows investors with a myriad of investment strategies and investment horizons to construct a portfolio tailored to their unique individual needs.

Fedgroup Unit Trust specialist

Sheldon Friedericksen joined Fedgroup in 2014 as the Group Financial Manager. Following the group’s restructure in 2015, Sheldon was named Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for the accounting and finance of Fedgroup as well as the various subsidiaries and has taken over the legal risk team. Other teams reporting to Sheldon include company secretarial, the risk mitigation team and client accounts.

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Fedgroup Asset Manager Johan Esterhuizen talks about the merits of unit trusts

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